Texture Analysis using Topological Data Analysis

Topological data analysis applied to surface texture data for quantifying features such as depth and roundness of the motifs.

Published on January 06, 2023 by Max Chumley

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Pattern Characterization Using Topological Data Analysis: Application to Piezo Vibration Striking Treatment

Max M. Chumley, Melih C Yesilli, Jisheng Chen, Firas A Khasawneh, Yang Guo

Chumley, Max M., et al. “Pattern characterization using topological data analysis: Application to piezo vibration striking treatment.” Precision Engineering 83 (2023): 42-57.


Topological Measures for Pattern Quantification of Impact Centers in Piezo Vibration Striking Treatment (PVST)

Melih C Yesilli, Max M. Chumley, Jisheng Chen, Firas A Khasawneh, Yang Guo

Proceedings of the ASME 2022 17th International Manufacturing Science and Engineering Conference. Volume 2: Manufacturing Processes; Manufacturing Systems